- Newspapers/magazines
- Online publications, bloggers
- Advertising and PR agencies
- Job seekers (resume and cover letter review)
- Graphic designers
- Webmasters
- Attorneys
- Writers (novelists, columnists, screenwriters)
- Students (graduate/undergrad, ESL/ENL, students facing deadlines)
- Anyone who wants to make their writing better!

"Ever since Damon joined the team at Legendary Times, the copy quality has improved dramatically. Subscribers say they enjoy the new, easy-to-understand voice of our magazine. We consider ourselves quite fortunate to have found someone as grammatically gifted as Damon. His services are invaluable."
Giorgio Tsoukalos
Editor and Publisher
Legendary Times Magazine

"I've had the good fortune to be able to call on Damon as a freelancer over the past couple of years at the LA Weekly, and he has helped me out of several jams. In his work I have found him to be meticulous, inquisitive, accurate and reliable, and he has served well as an auxiliary member of my editorial team."
David Caplan
Copy Chief
LA Weekly

"Damon writes and edits with a distinctive and true voice. He can say more in a headline than most people say in a page. He's rocket-quick and not at all afraid of time pressure or deadlines."
Ted Frank
Get To The Heart

"When I first submitted my dissertation draft to Damon, it was a muddled patchwork of older papers and newer research, sutured together like Frankenstein's monster. Damon was able to identify the unnecessary sections without hindering the development of my main argument. He helped me achieve a greater clarity through his thorough substitution of simpler and more direct language. He has a keen ability to transform a dense and abstract body of research into a readable and effective treatise."
Dr. David Melbye, Ph.D.
USC Film School
Author, Landscape Allegory in Cinema

"Damon is my go-to guy. His work is solid, and he's always there when I need him. I would highly recommend him to anyone who needs something done fast and right."
Harry Armstrong
7 Massive Communication

"In an information age that has seen the English language dumbed down to compensate for ever-diminishing cranial capacities, I very rarely come across individuals like Damon. He seems to genuinely want to improve the quality of human communication. Since his first pragmatic corrections to my outpourings, I have utilized Damon's services many times to clear logjams in my literary courseways."
Jon Dunmore
Movie Critic
Poffy's Movie Mania

"As Damon's teacher in UCLA's Copyediting class, I found him to be a conscientious and thoughtful editor. He has an excellent grasp of the English language and its nuances and is skilled in asking the right questions."
Shalini Dore
Senior News Editor
Variety Magazine

"Damon came to my rescue on a research paper I was writing for a Research Methods graduate class. I had limited time, so I sent him many different ideas and extensive research information, and he was able to piece it together, identifying the good parts while eliminating anything that strayed from my main idea. Damon has a great command of language, and a knack for taking original ideas and making them more clear and polished. I ended up with an 'A' on the paper, and Damon's work was done in one afternoon, an amazing turnaround time considering the high quality."
Natalie H.
Graduate Student
Elementary School Teacher

"I was thrilled with the help I received from Damon on my master's thesis in English Literature. His turnaround time was amazing, and the work was flawless. I would recommend Check Your Work to anyone who is serious about succeeding in higher education."
Alison P.
MA English Literature, Buffalo State College
BA English Literature, USC
Teacher, Bryant & Stratton College, Buffalo, New York

"I wish I had known Damon when I was an undergrad. He's been very helpful with the creative and modification process of my work. I would recommend him to anyone in any field of study, as Damon's proven to be keen and intuitive, and offers helpful comments and suggestions. He works quickly and keeps you posted during the process of editing/critiquing. His rewriting helps a lot as well!"
Catherine L.
Psychology and Gerontology, USC